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An Important Note Concerning Assessment
Since the Spring of 2012, EBIS students in grades three (3) through eight (8) have taken the Kentucky Performance Rating for Education Progress Tests (K-PREP). The 2017 K-PREP Assessment will continue to focus on student growth for every single child.  The assessment will be administered in five consecutive days within the last 14 instructional days of school. The K-PREP assessments are timed tests that include a blended model built with norm-referenced test (NRT) and criterion-referenced test (CRT) items which consist of multiple-choice, open response and short answer items. Extended time is allowed only for students with specific educational plans. This is a more rigorous assessment with the new Common Core Standards being applied to the test questions. In addition to the achievement scores, another aspect of the new assessment model is checking student growth from year to year by comparing each student’s score to others in their range to see if the student makes typical progress that year. The positive aspect is that this model always focuses on individual student growth for each single student. The "No Child Left Behind" effort tended to place more of a focus on struggling students but the focus has now shifted to include every student, even high achieving students. The East Bernstadt Independent School District is dedicated to educating ALL students and preparing them for life in the 21st century.  Our goal is to reach every child every day.

Vicki Jones 
District Assessment Coordinator

Testing Resource Links

Testing Format Items and Times

Gr5 Psg Based Informative Explanatory

Gr5 Stand Alone Opinion

Gr6 Psg Based Argumentative

Gr6 Stand Alone Narrative

Gr8 Psg Based Argumentative

Gr8 Stand Alone Informative Explanatory

Stanford 10 Grade 4 Combined

Stanford 10 Grade 5 and 6 Combined

Stanford 10 Grade 7 and 8 Combined