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Accelerated Reader



Check out AR BookFind to see if the book you're reading has an Accelerated Reader test, so you can earn your points!!


         East Bernstadt Independent

 Accelerated Reader Rules/Guidelines



1. In order to take an AR test on any book, a student must first read the book.
2. Students are not allowed to take a test by simply watching a movie that is based on a book.  In order to take the test, they must read the book!
3. Students should read books that are on or above their reading level.
4. Students are not allowed to look through the book in order to look for answers while they are taking an AR test.  Once a test has started, do not open the book.  A student is only permitted to have the book while at a computer so that it can help them spell the title.
5. Only one student is permitted at each computer while taking an AR test unless permitted otherwise by a teacher or adult in charge of the computers.  There are times when a student needs a reader and this is permitted but only with permission.  Remember, students can assist with reading but not the answers.  Don’t give each other answers!
6. Students should wait patiently while waiting to take an AR test and should wait at a distance from the computer where questions/answers can’t be read.
7.  In order to get the end-of-the-year incentive/field trip and 9-weeks reward parties, students must reach their grade-level goal.  Reward parties are for students that reach 9-weeks goals that are met within that 9-weeks grading period (see the Accelerated Reader link on our webpage for 9-weeks start and end dates which may be modified for snow days).  All students must have an 80% accuracy or higher on their average to be eligible for rewards.   

Grade Level

Goal for each


End of Year




20 pts.

1st grade

10 pts.

40 pts.

2nd grade

15 pts.

60 pts.

3rd grade

20 pts.

80 pts.

4th & 5th grade

25 pts.

100 pts.

6th, 7th, & 8th grade

30 pts.

120 pts.


8. Students with reading modifications will also receive modified AR grade-level reading goals, but all students must have an 80% accuracy or higher on their average to be eligible for rewards.

9. The cutoff date for Accelerated Reader will be 3 weeks prior to the last day of school.