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East Bernstadt Elementary School
Welcome Letter

August 4, 2015


Dear Parents,


Hello and welcome to kindergarten at East Bernstadt School.  We are glad to have you and your child as part of our school family.  It is our desire and goal that each child feels happy, secure, safe and successful while in the classroom.


Things to Remember


  1. Every student eats Free Breakfast and Lunch all Year!  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE EXTRA ITEMS.  Please inform your child of this policy as cashiers will not allow charging of any items.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  For your convenience you may deposit money into your child’s lunch/breakfast account for purchasing additional items.  Checks should be made to EBS. 


  1. We will have snack break in the afternoon.  Your child will need 35 cents each day for juice or milk.  Your child will need to keep this money in his/her backpack (in a coin purse or baggie-please label with your child’s name) and will be responsible for turning in their money each day.    


  1. We will also be sending home a snack calendar each month.  Your child’s name will be on the rotating list that will be used to create the snack calendar.  When your child’s name appears on the snack calendar please send the snack for that day.  Please send enough snacks for 20 students.  We encourage you to send snacks that are healthy.  Please send individually wrapped items so that the snack does not have to be handled. 


  1. Please put your child’s name on coats, sweaters, jackets, lunchboxes, backpacks, etc. that he/she brings to school.  The temperature in our room will vary throughout the school year.  You may want to dress your child in layers.  For example:  a light jacket in the spring or fall and a t-shirt under heavier clothing in the winter.  Some students this age tend to have occasional accidents.  If you see that as a potential problem, please send a spare change of clothes for emergencies. 


If you have any questions we will do our best answer them for you.  Please do not hesitate to ask. 


Looking forward to a great year,


Mrs. Durham           

Mrs. Philpot   

Mrs. Stewart